How we can help

Is your organization you having trouble engaging potential members, donors, funders, event goers and volunteers. We ensure your organization and it’s message is engaging the right peoples on social media and the search engines. Helping you meet the deliverables and goals or your NGO or NPO.

Social media

Social media is a very powerful tool to keep your current audience engaged. It can also be a great way to spread your message to huge audience, especially when you utilize social media advertising.

Search engine

Search engine marketing is a great way to engage a new and relevant audience. It can also be a great way to promote specific programs and events to a huge audience, especially when you utilize google advertising.


At Redwood Digital Solutions we want to ensure our client organizations can spread awareness of their mission and meet their deliverable deadlines by engaging streamlining a relevant audience. We take a comprehensive look into your organization, mission, market and audience. In doing so we know what we are promoting, how to deliver your message and how to stand out to your ideal member, donor and funder.

What you’ll recieve

When you work with us you’ll receive a work sharing platform so you know exactly how your budget is being used, what strategies we are using, and the results being delivered. 





market and data analysis


creation of ad material


revisions of ad content based on what's working


handing over your data and material to you

Final Result

Your digital marketing strategy will be created to fit goals of your organization, reaching your target audience through search engine results and social media, strategies built  according the goals of your organization and needs of your audience. Most importantly it will save time for the things most important to you and effortlessly bring in more members, donors, funders and volunteers.



Website Design

We can build you an optimized website, with the purpose of gaining new members, showcasing your initiatives and programs and telling funders and donors why you are the right pick, all while having a good looking website that’ll impress it’s viewers.


Search engine optimization


Staying at the top of your most relevant search results is important for gaining new members, donors and funders. This is a great way of ensuring you engage the right people and meet your deliverables.


Website maintenence


Maintaining your website will ensure your site stays relevant to the search engines, continues to look good and always has up to date information in regards to your programs and initiatives.