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We leverage our skills to help fellow Indigenous entrepreneurs harness the internet’s potential, driving growth and success. By enhancing online visibility, we’re not just building businesses; we’re cultivating a stronger Indigenous economy together

Indigenous representation

We focus on Indigenous websites with one goal in mind; To help in creating a powerful online presence for the indigenous community of Canada. Our goal is to create visuals that give our businesses trust and credability, marketing strategies that ensure our people’s businesses succeed, and branding strategies that ensure our mission and culture as a people is recognized across the internet.

we know our people

Our extensive experience informs every aspect of our work, from messaging to design and marketing. By infusing our understanding of our people into our services, we create authentic and impactful solutions tailored to the diverse tapestry of Indigenous communities. Choose us for a partnership that goes beyond expertise. A commitment grounded in cultural understanding and  shared success.

What you’ll recieve

When you work with us you’ll receive a visually appealing WordPress Website (Responsive to IOS & Android) that serves a purpose to your organization. Your site is optimized to boost traffic and help meet your goals and deliverables.





market and data analysis


creation of ad material


revisions of ad content based on what's working


handing over your data and material to you

Final Result

Your website is built to fit goals of your company, reaching your target audience through search engine optimization and designed according the look of your brand identity. Most importantly it will save time for the things most important to you and effortlessly bring in more of the people that share your mission or love your product and service. Ensuring your audience is impressed and engaged.

Our commitment to indigenous prosperity through successful online solutions

As a young Indigenous entrepreneur myself, I recognize the disparities within our community and am on a mission to bridge the gap. With a focus on empowering Indigenous businesses and professionals, my expertise in web design and digital marketing serves as a catalyst for your success.

Picture this: a vibrant online presence that not only showcases your unique offerings but propels your business to new heights. I believe in the power of the internet to transform businesses, and I’m here to make that transformation happen for you.

Why me? Because I understand the pulse of Indigenous entrepreneurship. I’ve focused all 3 of my companies around the prosperity of the Indigenous economy using the internet, I’m committed to creating innovation for our people, unique to our experiences, values and culture. Your success is not just a goal; it’s a shared journey towards bolstering the Indigenous economy.Let’s leverage the digital world to amplify your voice, attract more customers, and propel your business to unparalleled success. Together, let’s not just navigate the online landscape but thrive in it. Let’s be the stewards of our futures and ensure Indigenous businesses thrive.



Digital marketing

A digital marketing strategy will be created to fit goals of your organization, reaching your target audience through search engine results and social media, strategies built  according the goals of your organization and needs of your audience.

Search engine optimization


Staying at the top of your most relevant search results is important for gaining new members, donors and funders. This is a great way of ensuring you engage the right people and meet your deliverables.


Website maintenence


Maintaining your website will ensure your site stays relevant to the search engines, continues to look good and always has up to date information in regards to your programs and initiatives.

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Let’s make something happen

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We will get back to you shortly.

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